We Won Our Union…

But SFU has broken our agreement.

How has SFU broken our agreement?

SFU has not provided TSSU with a single RA’s name nor email contact in the 6 months since the Agreement was signed. As a result, bargaining has not and cannot begin as promised. SFU has also attempted to radically narrow the RA category to exclude all scholarship, stipend, and work-study employees, as well as all employees not engaged in laboratory work.

We are fighting back

In response, the TSSU membership voted to pursue legal action against the University, and we filed for arbitration. In the last few days, SFU has conceded they have broken our agreement, and have agreed to meet us in formal mediation chaired by the arbitrator. We have agreed to mediation as it will allow us to enforce our agreement as well as establish a new, rapid, timeline for resolution. While their concession of fault and this mediation is a step forward, we want to ensure that faculty and RAs — the people at the heart of this negotiation — are informed of this turn of events.

Sign Our Petition:

Research assistants (RAs) and supporters demand Simon Fraser University to honour its agreement and immediately recognize all RAs as employees of the University. SFU’s actions have undermined every RA’s hard-won right to unionize.

The University’s refusal to honour their word is an assault on workers’ rights and an affront to the entire SFU community.

We, the undersigned, demand SFU honour all the terms of their November 2019 agreement with TSSU. The pandemic is no excuse; SFU had 6 months to implement the unionization process.

We demand action now.

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